Wizkid gives the blandest interviews. Like fried eggs without salt. No real worldview, no substance, no pepper, no humour. Not even a slang. I just read his Rolling Stone interview and it’s clear that after Burna Boy’s win, his team is trying to position him for a Grammy. …

Note: This morning saw the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Physics. I read the citation from the Swedes and it elicited this rant on Facebook, which I now share here.

Back when we had no idea we were playing a game that would lead us directly to the current…

These days, the biggest musicians do not need political money; 100 million streams across the foreign streaming platforms is enough income. There is also the side gig of performances at corporate events or at personal parties. These guys would hardly record a song endorsing a candidate.

But that’s just the…

Oris Aigbokhaevbolo

Nigeria’s most acclaimed writer-reviewer.

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