Hey Brenda,

Thanks for reading. I am a fan of Burna Boy actually and have written about some of his rarer projects. And yet, I think a thirst for some of what Fela stood for has led us to project some of our own socio-political fantasies onto the man. For instance, this: “His music doesn’t only aspire the nightly weekenders to get lit but also transcends time and culture waking up a younger generation that’s dealing with the problems of their parent’s time.”

I don’t think the second half of that statement is really true — at least its sentiment is not backed by more than a handful of songs from the Burna Boy oeuvre.

But, of course, he makes music “to get lit” to. No argument there, especially when “the gbedu dey enter body”.

Nigeria’s most acclaimed writer-reviewer. Business: www.criticsandbylines.com.

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