Hi Lola,

Thanks for reading. Even more thanks for taking time out to write a comment.

I agree with your last paragraph: I, too, want to see and hear more from Burna Boy. Your first paragraph is not to be argued with, except by some interesting people on Twitter.

Now, to your second paragraph and this line in particular:

“Burna Boy can actually become greater than Fela because he has one thing in spades — DISCIPLINE. One of my frustrations with Fela was the fact that he was almost too lazy to be concise with his music.”

There are people who would go to war if they read that. I don’t have a taste for violence so I can only offer text. Was laziness at the base of the length of Fela’s songs? You clearly think so. Fela thought different: He believed he was at par with the heroes of western classical music. As he once asked would anyone expect Mozart or Beethoven to make a 3-minute song?

I fear that you might have interpreted pride as laziness and his radical politics as a flaw.

Part of the problem concerns how the world is configured: the west is the centre, and so because Burna Boy has achieved some western success, it seems that he is on the cusp of eclipsing Fela’s greatness. But that is a bit like saying that because Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize he is superior to Shakespeare, when we know the latter, alongside the King James Bible, is pretty much the foundation of what passes for the English language.

Maybe we should ask Burna Boy if he can make a song of 15 minutes that will keep people dancing for that long?

As you can tell, I do not agree with you. And yet, that line from your comment has given me an idea for an article. It is why I offer my third thanks: Thank you for the inspiration.

Nigeria’s most acclaimed writer-reviewer. Business: www.criticsandbylines.com.

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